the Conference Experience

The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center is designed for learning, facilitating dialogue, and stimulating strategic thinking.

About the Center​

The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center is where organizations gather to collaborate, learn and achieve. Between the state of the art amenities, sophisticated, flexible meeting spaces, delectable food, and the atmosphere of the Olin Business School, the Knight Center is a step above the competition. 

At Charles F. Knight Executive
Education & Conference Center, you can:


The Knight Center provides your guests with the perfect blend of savory food, exceptional amenities, and comfortable accommodations to help stimulate new thinking, foster collaboration, encourage productivity, and build relationships with your meeting attendees.


Treat your guests to any of our nutritious and delicious dining options, crafted to stimulate the mind and enhance your attendees’ meeting experience. It’s quite literally food for thought.


The Knight Center’s vast array of amenities will make your guests feel right at home — and even better. 

Food Philosophy​

For any meeting, the food offered should satisfy the mind, body, and soul –that’s what we aim to do. We believe in creating dishes that are both satisfying to taste, and beneficial to your health, always using freshest ingredients in our products.

FLIK Dining

Ingredients with integrity, that’s what sets FLIK’s dishes apart from the rest. FLIK’s dining options are bountiful, each packed with the ingredients you need in order to get through a busy day.

Experience the Best of St. Louis

The Knight Center’s advantageous location allows you to experience the best of St. Louis living, including acquainting yourself with the campus of beautiful Washington University.

Where Learning Thrives

Located on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, with ties to the Olin Business School, learning isn't just fostered at the Knight Center, it's part of our foundation.

Indulge in the Best of Campus Life

Experience the best of Washington University’s incredible campus. Marvel at beautiful, gothic architecture, enchanting floral scenery, and the vibrancy of campus life.

Experience the Olin Business School

The Knight Center is strategically located by the prestigious Olin Business School. Experience the best of a renowned business school during your stay.

The Insider's Perspective

Planning a meeting? Or maybe you want to host a social event. Either way, we have some tips and tricks to make sure it all goes off without a hitch.


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