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the Conference Experience

The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center is designed for learning, facilitating dialogue, and stimulating strategic thinking.

A Step Above 

The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center helps you elevate your meeting to the next level.

The Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center is where professional relationships are built and learning flourishes. Our conference rooms, classrooms, breakout rooms, and business center are each equipped with the most sophisticated technology, ensuring your meeting is nothing short of a success. The Knight Center features a bountiful amount of amenities, from meeting spaces and video-teleconferencing to fine dining experiences and elegant hotel accommodations. In addition, the Center provides a fitness area, spacious lounges, and an Alumni Pub for added luxury. The Knight Center’s meeting space is spread over 19,000 sq. feet, allowing you to house plenty of guests without feeling overcrowded. With an array of amenities, accommodations, and event capabilities, the Knight Center has what it takes to turn your meetings into rewarding experiences. 

At Charles F. Knight Executive
Education & Conference Center, you can:

High Impact Meeting

High-Impact Meetings

The Knight Center provides your guests with the perfect blend of savory food, exceptional amenities, and luxurious accommodations to help foster strategic thinking, encourage productivity, and communicate effectively with your meeting attendees.
Memorable Experiences

Turn Your Events
into Memorable Experiences​

Whether it’s a corporate event or a social gathering, the Knight Center’s highly-proficient staff and impressive technological capabilities make it the ideal location for any celebration. Your events won’t just wow the crowd, they’ll dazzle.


Make Your Guests
Feel Like Royalty

Treat your guests to the Knight Center’s beautiful campus setting, breathtaking architecture, and elegant meeting spaces.

Ultimate Conference Experience

Provide The
Ultimate Conference Experience

Stimulating meeting capabilities, delectable dining options, and comfortable accommodations make the Knight Center a perfect destination for your next conference.

Next Level Dining

Elevate Your Event
to the Next Level​

Treat your guests to any of our nutritious and delicious dining options, crafted to stimulate the mind and enhance your attendees’ meeting experience. It’s quite literally food for thought.

Food Philosophy​

Fresh. Fabulous. Fulfilling.
For any meeting, the food offered should satisfy the mind, body, and soul –that’s what we aim to do. We believe in creating dishes that are both satisfying to taste, and beneficial to your health, always using freshest ingredients in our products.

FLIK Dining

Ingredients with integrity.
Ingredients with integrity, that’s what sets FLIK’s dishes apart from the rest. FLIK’s dining options are bountiful, each packed with the ingredients you need in order to get through a busy day.

Get Up And M.O.V.E.

Meetings that keep you energized and focused.
Motivate, Optimize, Vitalize, and Empower –that’s why we provide meeting attendees with exercise equipment and facilities. These light workout sessions prevent meeting fatigue after a long day of work, keeping attendees rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day. Multiple food and beverage packages ensure that your M.O.V.E meeting isn’t just productive, but also packed with flavorful, nutritious food. 

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Located on the grounds of Washington University in St. Louis, this state-of-the-art conference center offers a dynamic environment for educational, corporate, and business meetings.

Where Learning Thrives

Located on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, with ties to the Olin Business School, learning isn't just fostered at the Knight Center, it's part of our foundation.

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University is a world-class research university with roots in the St. Louis area. At this University, beautiful architecture accompanies innovative education solutions.

Olin Business School

Washington University’s Olin Business School challenges students to look beyond the surface to make calculated business decisions that benefit the community as a whole. 
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