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Gooey Butter Cake: The Story of St. Louis’ Favorite & Mysterious Treat

One of St. Louis’ claims to fame is our delicious gooey butter cake –and the story behind its creation is just as delicious as the treat itself. There are actually quite a few claims to the creation of the cake. The most widely accepted origin says the cake was made by accident in the 1930s by a German American baker. Allegedly, he was trying to make regular cake batter but

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Five Foods You Need to Try in St. Louis

St. Louis is bustling with a culture all its own, and that includes its own dishes. Here are five essential food items to try next time you visit St. Louis. Toasted Ravioli You’ll find this tasty delicacy on most menus around town. Toasted Ravioli is a local favorite, made of breaded, deep-fried pasta filled with meat or cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. When dipped in marinara sauce, the flavors

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