What Is the Gateway Arch? St. Louis’ Crown Jewel

The Gateway Arch is one of St. Louis’ biggest and most unique attractions –and its history is just as fascinating. 

 Formerly known as the “Jefferson National Expansion Memorial,” the arch was founded by the National Park Service in 1935 to commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a transcontinental United States. The arch stretches from the Old Courthouse to the steps by the Mississippi River. 

 President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated properly along the St. Louis waterfront for the Gateway Arch. Because it was initially intended to be a memorial to Jefferson, he wanted to include the Old Courthouse as well. In 1963, construction began, spearheaded by architect Eero Saarinen’s design for a large, steel arch. In 1965, the Gateway Arch was finished, standing proud. 

Today, the Gateway Arch is a staple of St. Louis culture and a feat of modern architecture. Next time you’re staying at The Knight Center, be sure to check out this amazing hallmark.